We can demolish the tiniest and largest buildings

You're going to build a new office complex, but there's already a building on your site. It's old, broken down and several stories tall. How do you get rid of it? You can hire NE Services Inc to demolish the building. We'll take down the building, no matter how large it is, and clear the rubble away. We can also provide land clearing services to remove brush, trees and stumps.

Call 508-989-5667 now for a free estimate on land clearing or demolition services. You can also email our company.

Break ground for your construction project

Now that your construction site is clear, you'll need to excavate a space for your foundation You might also need to dig ditches and trenches for utilities. You can leave those tasks to us.

We've been excavating since 2008, so you can count on us to prepare for your foundation installation properly. We can also supply rocks and other materials needed for foundation drainage. Contact us today to plan excavation services for your site.