NE Service can maintain and improve your landscape

You should love your landscape, but all you see when you look at it are things to do. You need to mow your lawn, plant garden beds and even spread mulch. Fortunately, you can leave all of that to NE Services Inc.

We provide:

Flower, bush and tree planting services, to add beautiful plants to your landscape
Irrigation installation services, to provide water for your plants consistently
Lawn mowing services, to give your lawn a manicured look and maintain it
Mulching services, to prevent weed growth and accent your landscape design
Residential and Commercial Snow plowing services, to unearth your landscape and driveway in the winter

To find out more about any of these services, call 508-989-5667 right away. Our team will gladly answer your questions and provide free estimates.

Is your landscape under a pile of snow?

Snow freezes your plants, hides your beautiful landscape and blocks your path through your property. When there's too much of it for you to handle with a shovel, let us help you out. We'll bring heavy-duty equipment to remove snow from your landscape and driveway.

Bring in our professionals to remove your snow now.