NE Services can grade your land, install drainage and more

You need to prepare your land before you build something new. You can look to NE Services Inc for excellent site preparation services. We've been getting residential and commercial properties ready for construction since 2008.

Count on our experienced team to:

Grade and slope your site
Repair trip hazards on the ground
Dig utility ditches and trenches
Cut and infill concrete for utilities
Install drainage, including French drains

When we're through, you'll have the ideal site for a construction project. Contact us right away to prepare your site for construction.

Are you pouring foundation on your site?

Once you install your foundation, you might have extra space around it in the excavated hole. It's important to fill it in before you begin construction. Our team can fill in the gaps around the foundation for you. Call us today to get a free estimate on this or any other services we offer.